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GPT Wrapper

A "GPT wrapper" is a product or service that primarily relies on the capabilities of a Large Language Model like GPT to provide its core functionality. The term "wrapper" implies that most of the value of the product is derived from the underlying LLM and the product itself merely augments its functionality with additional data or a better user interface to make it more accessible and user-friendly.

GPT wrapper applications typically leverage the latest Proprietary Models and rely on LLM APIs to provide inference for their prompts.

Examples of augmentation that typical GPT wrapper apps might provide include:

  • Context: Providing additional context to the LLM to improve the quality of its responses.
  • Prompt engineering: Developing tailored prompts to improve the quality of the LLM's output.
  • Post-processing: Filtering and refining the model's responses to meet specific requirements.
  • User interface: Creating a user-friendly interface to interact with the LLM.

To compensate for weak IP, developing a robust brand, an effective go-to-market strategy, and strong community engagement are essential for product differentiation of GPT wrappers.