Collaboration opportunities for businesses, consultants, marketers, universities, developers, and educators


If your business provides services or sells products that might be mutually beneficial to PROMPTMETHEUS users, we'd love to hear from you.

Some examples are:


The goal of PROMPTMETHEUS is to provide a complete suite of tools needed to develop AI applications and integrations. However, we do not intend to cover the entire feature set ourselves, but rather focus on the prompt design part and integrate with state-of-the-art solutions to offer the rest.

Areas of high interest are currently vector stores, automation platforms, testing frameworks, and benchmarking tools.

Let's give PROMPTMETHEUS users easy access to your tech!

LLM providers

It makes little sense for each LLM provider to develop their own playground and tooling. That would be analogous to each programming language having its own dedicated IDE. Especially for smaller players this would create a significant barrier to entry, which in turn is bad for consumers. We're happy to lift that burden off your shoulders, integrate your models, and provide your users with a sophisticated (and potentially customized) prompt engineering experience.


If you are consulting for clients in the fields of Prompt Engineering and Generative AI, PROMPTMETHEUS might be a great solution for you. The IDE supports real-time collaboration, full-traceability, and multiple workspaces, making it easy to share prompting work with your clients, review progress and completions, and much more.

We are happy to explore dedicated solutions with you and potentially reward you for SME and enterprise clients you can introduce to PROMPTMETHEUS.

If that sounds interesting, please get in touch.


We do not have an affiliate program yet, but are happy to set one up if you are interested in promoting PROMPTMETHEUS to a wider audience.

Note that at the moment we can only pay for conversions that are directly attributable to your marketing efforts.

Schools and Universities

PROMPTMETHEUS is an ideal tool for teaching and learning. The platform allows students to collaborate in teams and share prompts and workspaces with their peers and lecturers. The IDE is from the ground up designed for experimentation and keeps a full history of the entire prompt design process.

There is hardly any credible doubt that prompt engineering will be an essential skill in almost all fields in the near future. Students from around the world (from Berkeley, UMD, UNSW, and others) are already using PROMPTMETHEUS to collaborate on amazing AI projects.

Please get in touch to discuss the specific needs of your project or institution.

For educational use we might offer discounts or potentially free access to the tool.


If you are working on exciting software that could benefit from the prompt engineering capabilities of PROMPTMETHEUS, please reach out to touch base.


Education is our favorite form of marketing. If you teach prompting, AI development, etc., have a decent audience (YouTube, Udemy, X, etc.), and like what PROMPTMETHEUS has to offer, let's work together!

Instead of creating educational content on prompt engineering and how to use PROMPTMETHEUS ourselves, we'd rather spend our time improving the product and leave the former to professionals like you.

If you can introduce new users to PROMPTMETHEUS at scale and are interested in partnering up, please get in touch.

Note: In the future, me might directly fund content production, but at the moment we're only interested in sharing revenue from customer conversions.