Forge Reliable Prompts
for Large Language Models

Take your Prompt Engineering to the next level and augment your apps and workflows with the mighty capabilities of Generative AI.

One playground, all LLMs

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“The hottest new programming language is English.” – Andrej Karpathy


Augment Apps and
Services with AI

LLMs can completely personalize your apps and make them smarter, but integration has its challenges. With PROMPTMETHEUS, your app simply connects to AIPI endpoints and the prompt engineering, prompt testing, prompt optimization, and model selection can be done conveniently inside the app.

AI Integrations

PROMPTMETHEUS provides the complete toolchain to build and deploy AI integrations. Simply compose and test a reliable prompt for the task at hand, select a suitable LLM, and publish a dedicated AIPI endpoint. Voilà, third-party services like Notion, Zapier, Airtable, etc. can now interact with your prompt.

Automate Workflows
with AI

With the rapidly evolving capabilities of large language models, tasks of ever higher complexity can be partially – or even completely – automated. If your processes and workflows involve any repetitive text-based tasks, chances are PROMPTMETHEUS can help you automate them to save time and money.


Composable Prompts

Assemble prompts like lego bricks with text and data blocks.

Full Traceability

Complete history of the entire prompt design process.

Cost Estimation

Assess how much you will pay for a prompt before you execute it.

Stats & Insights

Prompt performance stats, charts, and key metrics at a glance.

Real-time Collaboration

Co-create and share your prompt library with your team.

Data Export

Export prompts and completions in .txt, .csv, .xlsx, or .json format.

Prompt Endpoints

Deploy prompts to AIPI endpoints and access them from anywhere.

Coming soon

Vector Embeddings

Add context to your prompts via vector stores and -search.

Coming soon

Thanks to its real-time collabortion capabilities, PROMPTMETHEUS is an ideal solution for Instructors and Consultants. Please get in touch to discuss your specific needs.



  • Prompt IDE
  • Local data storage
  • OpenAI models only
  • Stats & Insights
  • Data import/export


$29 / month
7-day free trial
  • Same as Playground, plus
  • Cloud sync
  • All providers and models
  • Projects
  • History and full traceability
  • Standard support


$79 / month
7-day free trial
  • Same as Standard, plus
  • Deploy prompts to AIPI endpoints
  • AIPI versioning and monitoring
  • Premium support


starting at
$490 / month
  • All PRO features, plus
  • Shared projects
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Onboarding
  • Enterprise support

You can cancel subscriptions any time.

Subscriptions do not include fees for API usage of LLM service providers, you need to provide your own API keys.

Special pricing is available for small teams, startups, and students.


What is Prompt Engineering?

What is a Prompt IDE?

How is PROMPTMETHEUS different from the OpenAI playground?

How is PROMPTMETHEUS different from other prompt engineering tools?

What can I build with PROMPTMETHEUS?

What is the difference between FORGE and ARCHERY?

What is an AIPI?

Does PROMPTMETHEUS integrate with other services?


If you have any other questions about PROMPTMETHEUS, please don't hesitate to ask. The goal is to provide a completely frictionless user experience.

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Supported LLMs


Claude 2.1

Claude 2

Claude Instant 1.2

Claude Instant 1


Command / Nightly

Command Light


GPT-4 Turbo

GPT-4 / 32k

GPT-3.5 Turbo / 16k

GPT-3.5 Turbo Instruct

DaVinci 003

Curie 001

Babbage 001

Ada 001


Llama 2 70B

Code Llama 34B

Mistral 7B Instruct

OpenHermes 2.5 Mistral 7B

OpenHermes 2 Mistral 7B

pplx 70B chat alpha

pplx 7B chat alpha

PaLM 2

Text Bison

Chat Bison

Code Bison

NLP Cloud

Chat Dolphin


Aleph Alpha

Luminous Supreme

Luminous Extended

Luminous Base

AI21 Labs

Jurassic 2 Ultra

Jurassic 2 Mid

Jurassic 2 Light

Deep Infra

Llama 2 70B Chat HF

Llama 2 13B Chat HF

Llama 2 7B Chat HF

Mistral 7B Instruct v0.1


coming soon...

Hugging Face

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